Carrera Bonafont

App iOs & Android

CLIENT carrera bonafont
OUR ROLE Design, UX, Branding, Graphic Design, Development
YEAR 2016
App store Play store

The brief

The aim of the application is to help runners prepare for Bonafont races.

The strategy


Using the bonafont corporate colors, the design is clean, feminine and energizing. The typography is condensed and light, because it is aimed at healthy and athletic women who care about a stylized figure.


Native technology of each platform iOS y Android.

bonafont app



For the design of the App a complete experience was created in which it is contemplated from the run route, to the music that will accompany it. It has an intuitive and personalized interface design.


Mobile application created so that runners have control of their workouts, as well as the record of their achievements. It has GPS tracking, stopwatch and playlist linked with Spotify.

bonafont mockup

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